Testosterone is a sex hormone mostly produced in men testicles and affects their sexual development and appearance. The hormone also stimulates sex drive in men as well as the sperm production. There is also an interaction between body muscle cells and the hormone, which facilitates muscle growth and increases bone mass. Testosterone hormone is also present in women but much lesser amounts. The levels of testosterone in men typically peak when they are about 20 years of age.

There has been an exponential growth in testosterone booster in the last few years. The popularity of boosters can be attributed to the decrease of testosterone levels in men once they are past 25 to 30 years. At this age, the hormone levels decrease by 1 percent every year. Among the causes of this decrease are lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, weight gain, and obesity. According to research, men can influence the production of testosterone. As such, many have found relief from the many strategies available as well as natural testosterone boosters that aids in the preservation of manliness.

What are testosterone boosters?
As the name suggests, testosterone boosters are natural supplements that exist as individual ingredients or formulations. The supplements are common among men who have their testosterone levels below what is required for optimum performance. The hormone is also used by the people involved in competitive sports, fitness, and bodybuilding.

Many athletes have also adopted testosterone boosters as a legal and healthy alternative for the anabolic steroids such as the gym candy, stackers, andro, and pumpers. Testosterone boosters are widely used to elevate men’s sex drive besides gaining muscle strength and mass. For centuries, herbal testosterone boosters have been adopted as way method of improving stamina, endurance, and performance in athletics.

Testosterone boosters mode of action
Various ingredients that makeup testosterone booster formulations have been proven clinically to help increase testosterone levels in the body. Despite the limited research on the boosters, the elements involved have shown to alter the release of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that disrupts testosterone production or the ability to sleep, which is also a significant factor for enhancing testosterone levels.

Common boosters formulations
Testosterone boosters typically consist of:
• D-Aspartic Acid
• Shilajit
• Fenugreek
• Tribulus Terrestris
• Longjack

ZMA is composed of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6, which are all required in testosterone production in the body. Besides, ZMA has shown to influence the quality of sleep. One of the most effortless lifestyle adjustments to cut detrimental hormones and boost various beneficial hormones is having enough sleep. Ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone, and cortisol are undesirable body hormones that normally hinder testosterone production. They both spike for lack of quality sleep.

The role of estrogen on testosterone production
Some of the supplements that effectively boost testosterone decrease the estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen is a sex hormone in women that is responsible for their sexual development and characteristics during puberty. It is natural for men to experience low testosterone as they age, and the estrogen levels rise. Estradiol is a form of estrogen present in men and plays a critical role in male sexuality, essentially in spermatogenesis and erectile function.

However, estrogen and testosterone have to be in balance for a man to control his sex drive, the production of sperms, and be able to have an erection. Elevated estrogen levels can lead to low testosterone in men as well as other unwanted effects such as diabetes and cancer.

Effect of Saw Palmetto on testosterone levels
Saw Palmetto is an ingredient used in one of the classes of testosterone boosters and is linked to testosterone levels. Scientists have been able to identify the role played by Saw Palmetto in slowing down the action of 5-alpha reductase, which is an enzyme involved in the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is also a sex hormone in men that contributes to the development of sex characteristics, including body hair.

What is the best time of the day to take testosterone booster?
It is always crucial for you to consult the product packaging for the best time to take the supplements to benefit fully. Taking the testosterone boosters as the first thing in the morning and at night before you sleep is recommended to have the best outcome. Some of the products that contain ZMA advise the users to take the boosters at night to help with sleep.

It is also advisable to have a cycle as to when you should take testosterone supplements. For instance, you can choose to use a product for about four weeks, and then give the body a 2-week break without using them. This can help to prevent your body from becoming dependent on boosters and unable to do without them. Importantly, teenagers and people diagnosed with an enlarged prostate should not use the testosterone boosters. It would be best if you consulted a doctor before trying the supplements, even though many have natural ingredients.

Natural remedies to boost testosterone

Taking testosterone supplements is not for everyone, and there are natural remedies that can be of help. They include:
• Getting enough zinc. Zinc is useful in regulating levels of serum testosterone in men. You can find zinc from the whole grains and shellfish.
• Consuming enough potassium which takes part in the synthesis of testosterone. Spinach, beets, and bananas are rich in potassium.
• Doing more exercise, which increases testosterone naturally.
• Minimizing sugar consumption.
• Having quality sleep
• Managing stress

What are the side effects of using testosterone boosters?
Using testosterone boosters come with some side effects despite the fact that natural ingredients are used for their manufacture. Elevated levels of testosterone could be an apparent reason for the side effects associated with the boosters. Primarily, testosterone as a sex hormone increases sex drive in men and makes them more aggressive. However, the hormone can lead to extreme behavioral changes, which could severely affect the user. Adverse side effects that could be linked with anabolic steroids are minimal as your body is designed to produce testosterone that surpasses normal levels. Some of them could be horrible acne, infertility, testicular shrinkage, and roid rage.

Many reasons can lead to a decrease in sex drive in men and women. In men, the likely reasons could be decreased testosterone levels, relationship issues, and life stress. In cases of hypogonadism and low testosterone levels, testosterone boosters will most likely boost your sex drive. It is essential to see a doctor for a testosterone test to determine whether supplements will be of help